The Objective Caml system release 3.10


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3.06 と 3.10 の英語マニュアルの chapter ごとの diffを作っています。


Part I

Part II


Part III

Part IV

Part V

Standard Library

  • Module Arg?: parsing of command line arguments
  • Module Array?: array operations
  • Module ArrayLabels?: array operations (with labels)
  • Module Buffer?: extensible string buffers
  • Module Callback?: registering Caml values with the C runtime
  • Module Char?: character operations
  • Module Complex?: Complex numbers
  • Module Digest?: MD5 message digest
  • Module Filename?: operations on file names
  • Module Format?: pretty printing
  • Module Gc?: memory management control and statistics; finalised values
  • Module Genlex?: a generic lexical analyzer
  • Module Hashtbl?: hash tables and hash functions
  • Module Int32?: 32-bit integers
  • Module Int64?: 64-bit integers
  • Module Lazy?: deferred computations.
  • Module Lexing?: the run-time library for lexers generated by ocamllex
  • Module List?: list operations
  • Module ListLabels?: list operations (with labels)
  • Module Map?: association tables over ordered types
  • Module Marshal?: marshaling of data structures
  • Module MoreLabels?: Include modules Hashtbl, Map and Set with labels
  • Module Nativeint?: processor-native integers
  • Module Oo?: object-oriented extension
  • Module Parsing?: the run-time library for parsers generated by ocamlyacc
  • Module Printexc?: facilities for printing exceptions
  • Module Printf?: formatting printing functions
  • Module Queue?: first-in first-out queues
  • Module Random?: pseudo-random number generator (PRNG)
  • Module Scanf?: formatted input functions
  • Module Set?: sets over ordered types
  • Module Sort?: sorting and merging lists
  • Module Stack?: last-in first-out stacks
  • Module StdLabels?: Include modules Array, List and String with labels
  • Module Stream?: streams and parsers
  • Module String?: string operations
  • Module StringLabels?: string operations (with labels)
  • Module Sys?: system interface
  • Module Weak?: arrays of weak pointers

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